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Thursday، 9 December 2021
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The poetic aspect of being...!

Mahdi MaiyatIn the past time , human's life was affectionately related to
the things and places. Regarding the hardship of life and social injustice, he totally felt identity and some kinds of belonging. Universe was experienced as a world of qualities and senses and so, it was the common universe which caused a base for sharing and togetherness.

According to Rilke (poem 1875-1926): For our ancestors , all of the things; the houses, the wall, the church rampart, even clothes, was enormously familiar. But with supremacy of abstract perception and scientists thought that find the nature language, and the positivist ideal thought that beyond the general world of science, i.e the world which is observable with our senses, it is impossible to have another world and any theorem which is not observable (the logic and mathematic axioms) or not competent to be experienced, is nonsensical, an overwhelming crisis occurred for man and his society.
Mankind had forgotten his ability to be surprised and totally supposed that all world's events, from water and fire to the perception and man's behavior is excusable, The fact that Dariush Shayegan called in “Ex occidente lux”, as rejecting all allegory figures and returning them in the human soul, in his "New incantatism" the purpose is to empty all of the symbols which formerly gave glory to the universe and made it magic and now their abolition makes the sky, which was full of image and, an empty, concrete and geometrical space.
So, there was no place for fantasy (dream), the logic was dominated and finally the scientific , strategy makes the universe a series of sources and the man a complex of needs. The contents like spirit of place, friend ship and familiarity with place and protect it, which all were the experiment of place as a meaning full and an identifiable event was fade a way. Man, deprived from any kind of meaning full explanation want hastily to lose the sense of belonging adjacency.
Man become worldless; that is, he become ignorant of his being and lost his identity, his social conception and his sense of partnership and worse than all, he became indifferent , because he didn't how the idea at supporting amendment the world any more .
"Christian Norberg schulz" set forth his theory to exist from this condition, as returning the "Poetical Dimension" of life to human beings. "Poetical Dimension" of life means opening the universe as a totality of inter-actional and real qualities and also re-developing the sense of respect.
Obtaining the identity as a general meaning , namely establishing a meaning full relationship with the universe containing every thing.
Space, has an identity for us, if, from one hand we can consider it an independent and concrete entity and finally be also to compare (or apply) our mentality of its conception with our mind.
When modern universe, becomes a horrible and intolerable world, it is more important than ever to be able to dominate it emotionally and learn it through what called "poetic sight". Only from this point of view man can nourish a new love in his heart and respect things and so go in the ability to preserve the earth.
The belief that Heidegger calls it "Poetical Mentality".
Believing in the fact that poem do not fly over earth and pass it to escape and be above it. Poem is the sole thing that first brings man to earth and makes him belong to it and so on makes him dwelling. Only the poet in all its shape, can make. Human's entity meaning full. The thing that is essential and basic need of man.

"Poetical Dwelling"
Also, architectural works is belonged to those poetical relation which guide us to dwelling . the universe which is made by any architectural work, is a "residential landscape", that is an out look which a trend of dwelling is shaped on it. Dwelling, with the concept more wider than placing a roof above us and some square-meter field; dwelling doesn't only mean having a shelter, but is it the sense of belonging, meaning and aiming.
Perhaps, we can consider the experience of having a meaning full life us the essential need of human being this way of life requires a meaning full and to get full place, and this is a place where any body has a share there.
Dwelling, expresses and a ritual connection between the place and imaginary surrounding. The connection which is derived from trying to gain an identity that is sense of belonging to a place.
Dwelling, as meeting the others in attempt trade the productions, means exanimate the life as a ground of different facilities and poetical dwelling, means residing in the world's house, between the earth and sky, in middle of birth and death.
Poet, which in Heidegger's thoughts, is standing for man to dwell breath the sky and in the world and to be safe from homelessness means ignorance and being for from reality, the condition which we can not reflect in it.
Poem needs an address, a house….
"Poem's house" is an institute which aims the to prove some parts of society's wishes (which learning, living, working, meeting, asking, expressing) in "Lui Kahn"'s belief are and also aiming to re-take the forgotten treasury of human's identity and civilization , Namely literature and poem; that, perhaps, gaining it could reach bewildered modern man to dwelling, balance and peace.
This like, and with these interpretations were proposed for the concepts of house, is not so much for from the mind.
Housing, residing, dwelling , knowing for good and being aware of the mystery of existence; poet backs first time that they are seen. Poet is deleting the distance between any thing and universe, and so, is every thing's housing.
The history and why of using the word " house" is not is not clear. formerly we got familiar with this word in the places like older house or among the politicians which names the parliament "Nation's house". But the system of worlds which derives from "house" and appearance of different collections of " house" suddenly becomes wider so that, the importance of thinking in the meaning and existing metaphor in the word " house", becomes more and more important, "artists" " house", "theatre house" and "poet's house".

"Poet's house": The connective relation of art and society.
The poet needs something more than a drape and a painting brush; to be considered in society and to put up their beliefs for discussion. Poet, since he is a member of society, and uses the language symbols, myth and the other items which are innately social, can not be effect less of society. For there more, in his poems, he animates the life which is a social reality. In fact, a poem is acceptable when effects the people, and the more the poets find sympathetic among the people, the more they accept them. There after, He can not, "as it is said", live in an "ivory tower".
"Art" is created from the necessity to communicate with others, from this need and ardent desire to talk, to introduce it self, even if its creator at the time of creation, didn't think of this necessity. "Micheal Bachtin" has right to say "for man there is nothing more frightening than, lack of answer". When art has no relation is the time that it doesn't exist.
"Art" is the creation of life and it is by art that the expression occurs. Since we live to express, art [and poem], is the only human language … "Lui Kahn" says is a logical expression for life . An art work is a creation of life.
The architect, selects and plans that in the spaces, surrounding and human bases, humanistic relationship expresses the things. Through expression, man, dismantles the basic nature of universe. Which he him self is a part of it, and by this, he terminates his duty and his final desire. So, it is the art that accomplishes the destinations and respectability of the natures.
On the other hand, man can imagine the most beautiful place create it, design it and build it, but this place needs the people to give reality to it.
In other words, man [and the artist] by being in the society and communicate with each other, can find his nature and subtle and general affairs.
Man as a social being cannot find himself with art informational assistance of others.
Man, with being and growing up in the population, in addition to have an individual identity namely, social dignity and definite relation ship with others. Through gaining common elements which called "culture", finds social identity and with all these factors he captures a common history. In other words, creating the individual identity is a social process. According to this, the "poet house" must be a place for the people to provide a chance to interact; A place at the service of meeting and human communication. A public meeting – place are a place which preserves the common values (here, poet as one of human civilization bases) there and makes them appear.

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