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Thursday، 9 December 2021
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Naghshe Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran

Mohammad AfsharIs the public space a place in which we share? Is this space a place of social interactions that directly or indirectly influence the urban culture? Yes,You guess right. The public space are the bases of human`s manners and values including the urban culture.

Maybe Your attention will be attracted to the rest of my article by one of the art criticizer`s statement-Regrille the art criticizer in the philosophy of Existentialism and pragmatism says: "The great artists are equal to ordinary people in the works they haven`t created".It means Gutteor or Hafiz are equal to those who know nothing of poetry. This is an interesting and careful point and according to this, in contemporary cities of Iran,the public space basically don`t exist or no suitable conditions for talk and interactions among the citizens are not seen!


The cities merely include residence and urban installations so a sign of identity can not be serched in them. In the society I know,the most probable arrangement that human uses for public space is the square.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques,Naghsh-e-Jahan Square

NAGHSHE-JAHAN square in Isfehan is an old place and up to now we have used it as a public space, a never-ending beautiful square, a friendly,public and effective of all aspects:extention, beauty and symmetry is one of the best master-piece of world architecture. Where can You look at the blue sky that it`s sunbeams on the turquoise, pretty tiles with yellow and white spiral lilies fills you with pleasure?

A'LI- QAPU Palace, Naghsh-e-Jahan

On the square the golden curtain of sun covers the A'LI QAPU palace and people disappear in the blue veranda of EMAM/SHAH-MOSQUE for prayer. The people are always active here,just take some steps forward and you see the happy Iranian families sitting round the colorful foods(tables),the sound of hubble-bubble(gheliun), a little farther some old men talking about their past memories. Indeed how beautiful the Persian cities(urbanism) of 16/17th century!

Eman/Shah mosque (around 1620)Naghsh-e-Jahan

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