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Thursday، 9 December 2021
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In the border of Ordibehesht (May 2006) architecture critical session of Iranian Architects Society in Tehran Artistshouse; Wish to reborn...!

Bahram Hooshyar Yousefi (right)-kazem Barabadi (left)Although Iran’s architectural literature has promoted in quantities after sacred defend years (Iran-Iraq war) and construction period (after the war) specially, it should be said that literature _ as the rationalizing part of a projects (with a negative meaning)_ in those meaningless and conceptless periods was going to be foundations of contemporary Iran architecture. At those days, there were youngs who decided to step their feet into that kind of architecture and restraint it from being found by this kind of meaningless socalled architectural literature.

L to R, Iman Raeisi, Behrooz Mansouri, Mansoori's asistant (photo:AFN)

Many remember Dr Behrooz Mansoori (guest architect in the last the Artistshouse architecture critique session) with above said tendency; and also remember that this hardworking student had investigation in his hand in every movement, and so was an avant-courier in that time; An identity in its first steps of forming that was passing it by thinking about problems. There is an aphorism in Iran’s literature that can be a good example for our discussion, when Forroogh-e- Farokhzad (Iran famouse female poet of 20th century) to introduce a young poet named Shamloo (Shamloo was not famous in that time) to Al-e-Ahmad (famous writer and critic) said: “he is a rhinoceros who can be a human wishfully…!” And although Mansoori may thank us for this comparision, but a painful point worths saying that these sentences and comparisions suit him in those periods, not today!
Behrooz Mansoori , educated from Science and Technology University (March) and Islamic Azad University (PhD) _both Tehran_, and Azad university’s professor, is a compelet "Simbul" of young architects who educated in first 90s (Persian: 70's) and mixed theire learnt with new investigations and opportunities using their youthfull energy, in those awful days which country was suffered from war’s wounds. They could invite architectural train to it’s falling and rising way. In those new decades communication area was fully blocked but Mansoory could attract so many and become a young architect with his own idea and style.a train full of thinkers was on the railroad among it most of our contemporary brilliants, but it was hard to acompny this train traveling on the edge of market’s desire and absence of study or investigation.
Among these new architects spoken above, just few one stuck to their ideals and could go over dominance of worldwide communication medias with study and investigation; and unfortunately among those few ones just a few spoke sentences with worldwide standards. Basic challenge is that Behroos Masoori is not among audiences of these fews...!

photo: ARUNA-Ali Kiabanian

In the last session of artist’s house, our Dr confessed that market has changed his mood and ideas. But other conditions like non-cultural employer’s desire is one factor of Mansoori’s remoteness of his powerfull language in Iran’s archtecture. Being merciless (fortunately we are not) we can call him a stock marketman! An architect who repeats his 15 years ago veiws and for a long time has been self-jailed (!) behind locked doors, drawing lines without being familiar with society’s evolution and medias. Now he is a bad note in an orchestra somtimes major somtimes minor not knowing who he is or who should be. When employer’s dictatorship shivers architect’s hand, horror inside and uneasiness is visible.this is a notable point for young architects who jail themselve behind locked doors daydreaming about sucsess.

photo: ARUNA-Ali Kiabanian

If mansoori would open the doors he could watch differnces in his last works with the first days, a good guide for this master in architecture; This may could rescue him from falling into two dimensions of disappointment because in one hand Mansoori has a challenge in the market for his yesterday’s creativity and in the other a condemnation for his desire to market! In these days he with a hand full of done projects is a hardworking architect and it means that he sucsessfully has a good relations with a class of investors but if he looked thoughtfully about his concepts better could expand the spiritual dimensions of his designes. And as Hosein Sheikh Zeineddin(many thinkers beleave that he is a greatest contemporary architect in Iran) says it wasn’t nessesarry to use Iran’s very past archtectural literature for explaining his scheming behavors in architectural field.
Mansoory is an architect at the begining of his forties and a young beginner in Iran’s architectural ways too. He has a great position as a prof and university teacher which puts a big responsibility on his shoulders. Responsibility accompnied with a kind of wisdom that can make a teacher a guide and a leader for students whose wishs are adding something new and acceptable to their motherland. However he belives that his many years researchs to get phd were wasting time but with an uplifted view he can be a leading/creative architect which one do feel its absence in Iran’s nowdays architecture.

photo: ARUNA-Ali Kiabanian

R to L: Raeisi, Mansoori, Sheikh Zeinoddin, MohamdZadehIt is breaking our hearts (!) but we must say that Mansoory in his thirty was more efficient than mansoory in his forty who tries to explain his architectural work with philosophical words and without eloquence.Note that it is nesessary for an architect to be an artist and a culture-making composer at first but who can find a real artist exhibiting his/her art in the shop of well-built philosophical words? We belive that Iran’s contemporary archtectural literature is not in its right way in which thoughts form based on market ideals and come from distressed minds. Architects have a great position in a society more important than sitting in laboratory and playing with papers and lines; so Dr mansoory’s position as a teacher and architect is very important and better for him to be aware of his responsibility as an iranian architect and Then we can wish reborning this rhinoceros...!

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