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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Wartan’s architecture; one of the great but often unmentioned! (Part1)

Niloufar Khaloo-EsmaeiliWartan, the contemporary architect, has been struggled for Iran's architecture welfare for years. He innovated in novel methods at Iran’s architecture; but unfortunately he has not been known as a contemporary architect that has been done outstanding services for Iran’s architecture for years and his works no followed by other architects nor presented at university courses.
Today it passes about 25 years of time form the late architect Wartan’s death.

Wartan Howansian known as “architect Wartan”

The house placed at Darband, TehranWartan Howansian, also known as “architect Wartan”, was born at 1896 in Tabriz, Iran. After finishing high school, he did different works in Tabriz and Tehran and near the end of World WarI he went to Paris and engaged in studying painting at Ecole des Arts, architecture & urbanism at ٍٍٍEcloe d architecture especial. At 1922 he finished architecture studies and after that he did architecture works at France during 13 years.
Returning to Iran Howansian won the first prize of the Girl’s Art School design competition and engaged in open business and continued his activities at his own office to end of his life at a half century period. He returned to Iran in the course of running motion of modern architecture and new art, after 17 years period of residence at Europe and being experienced on the field, presenting architecture & urbanism services.
Wartan was modernist, at the styling point of view. He sought the splendor of his buildings in simplicity.

Namazi Hospital

Of his architectural works can mention to the Girls` School of Arts, Darband Previous Motel, the private Palace (Shahnaz Pahlavi`s Palace in Saa`d abad), Metropol Cinema, Christal Palace, Diana Cinema (present Sepide), Ferdoasi`s Hotel design, Kooshesh Kindergarten, Central building of Sepah Bank (Imam Khomeini Square) and Central branches of Sepah Bank in different townships.
The buildings mentioned above have been had a notable effect whether on designer’s cogitation method, or whether on taking and public waiting of architecture in Iran’s recent centuries. He was member of organizer board of Iran’s architects association, representative of publication and propaganda, member of editorial board of Architect Magazine and after some years, he was organizer, director and holder of the permission to publish the New Architecture magazine that two mentioned magazines were as effective factors of increasing architecture activities in Iran.
Wartan Howansian died at 1982.

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