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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Running Down a Dream under the Name of Well-Known Architects!

Ali KhiabanianToday, by chance I received Iranian Architecture Magazine number 28. While I was not able to attend the exhibition of Nivaran-Tehran, articles were interesting and amazing. March and April 2007 for my friends and I who worked on the projects for this contest was hard working and challenging days.*

Jury Members (from right): Kalantari, Golabchi, Safamanesh, Jodat

7th-PrizeThe volume of the project and the physical demands, requested lots of ideas and times to performing this kind of projects and also consideration for the judgments of presented designs by Iranian famous architects made the job much more valuable and demanding!
Unfortunately, all of my dreams and believes, in spite of considering the result of competition did not have positive alternations and all
of the dreams ran down: I feel lonely about the broken ship of Iranian architecture not able to 7th-Prize-Arta Architectureachieve its distention without any guides or helps and disappointed of famous open-minded Iranian architects ,in spite of their professional experiences …I become silent and believed that the architecture of Iran is not as much as important for architects who talk about but they just think to provide expenses for their consulting offices and do not care about the improvement of Iranian architecture…!

First Prize-genral viewThis point that one of the selected works of the competition is the copy of western architecture works, and Dr. Saremi attempts to define it, in his article, is an enough reason for the above introduction, we expected more about the judgment of famous architects in Iran. Not only one work but most of the selected works has the similar complexity and concepts and it is weird, while they are in the level of 7,9,10 0r 11 in selected design, what are the differences?

Inconsideration about the Project Demands:

10th-PrizeOne of the specifications of this contest was the precise and complete physical plan presented by the performer of this contest,but in the judgment the jury did not even pay attention a little about it and also in a criticize on behalf of Mr. Judat and Dr. Saremi, the structure and consideration to the patterns of traditional Iranian architecture became under serious questions, may be it was because of the work pressure in regard to the large number of attendees and the work load for judgments! While in the presented plans for the second and the third selected design, half of the units for the residential design had not even been provided. If we attention to neither the 11th selected design it was obvious that even the occupied considered spaces were not been accurate nor the numbers of units and sub-spaces!


Third-PrizeOne of the interesting point of this contest was the emphasize of Mr Judat about the issue of the possibility of the projects in case of operation and construction as an important factor in judgment, while without attention to the structure problems and performance the second and forth selected design looked impossible in case of constructing!

If inconsideration about municipality regulations and laws about neighborhood, casting shades, occupied spaces and having adequate lights for residential units were important issues in Mr. Judat explanations, we could not see any of these factors in the selected!
Lack of an Accurate and Creative Procedure in the Design of Projects:

11th-prizeWith general analyzing and comparing of the works, we can understand this spot that a unique concept derived of foreign works dominated in the most of the selected works; the projects in case of structure looked like each other and all of them in case of division and location of volumes for residential buildings had serious problems. The concept of a project should be created for that specific project and be adoptable with the demands and potentials of the site which is accompanied my diagrams and site analysis; the important spot is the procedure of the design which attempts to define it.
The last word, at least we expected the professors and well known architect in Iranian architecture believe and rely more on minimum facilities existed in our country and help young architects to create and present memorable and lasting works.
* Melli Industrial Group, with about 50 years experience in commercial and trading affairs, oriented to excellence of architecture culture and responding to its needs , has decided to pass off a competition for designing its site located in the beginning of Fat'h High way in about 21,000 square meters area for about 90,000 square meters building. http://www.melliaward.com/

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