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Monday، 18 October 2021
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ARUNA TV: Interview with Rainer Pirker; hierarchical design procedure for a "responsible architecture"

Interview by: Bahram Hooshyar YousefiRainer Pirker is an Austrian based but internationally focused successful architect; from his very first projects (apartment building Ulus,Istanbul) to the very last (specially HEAVEN'S SEAL CULTURE CLUB in China) his architecture has got a very futuristic taste and an independent identity and it is easy to recognize a fascinating way of delivering a top-quality design trend to the architectural creation precedure.

It was a great interview; I did'nt give up trying to understand the way and the structure of his architecture and architectural creation.
"...paradigmas are changing with time and its philosophy of thinking.
while a linear thinking process was dominant in scientific research in the western hemisphere for many centuries, a shift to a relativly new approach to the research of complex systems is been recognized. since it has become clear, that the whole is more than the sum of its elements, the networking of single parameters became highly important. this encourages our ideas for the architectural design. it is the idea of the spirit of a softbag: the network of contents, made up from visions of space and its sequences, light, atmosphere, context, circulation, material qualities, structure, etc. determines the form...".

Rainer Pirker  photo: Nassir ZarrinPanah

Rainer Pirker

born in Graz, Austria

study of architecture, technical university, Innsbruck

1984-1989 working with architect Hans Hollein, Vienna

since 1988 registered austrian architect

1989-1991 own architectural practice in Istanbul, Turkey together with Semra Öndes

1992 founding metroproject together with Alexander Klose in Vienna

1997 founding rainer pirker architexture team

since 2002 rainer pirker architexture

several prizes in architectural competitions


1998 awarded for Experimental Architecture by the cultural ministry of Austria

2001 and 2004 awarded for urban design (Otto Wagner award)

his projects

his website

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