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Monday، 18 October 2021
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A conversation with Cyrus Mehrandish

Interview by: Almara MelkomianCyrus Mehrandish is an architect from fine arts college of Tehran and has been working in architecture market since 1990….his personality in architecture who has been involved in designing and building as well as professional culture improvement, has made him prominent.

Believing in promoting architecture culture level among people besides oriented connecting of architects with a lot of people in this art- industry has been his mental disturbance. it seem to face him with a different feature in recent day affected by view. His considerable insights made us to set another dialogue regarding architecture market in Iran.

Cyrus Mehrandish

His background:
* cooperation with consultant engineers of tajir-banashahr-si tak-jawab-baft shahr- and Noy in residential , trade, administrative, industrial and sports between 1985and 1991.
* chairman of the board of consultant engineers in ajand shahr.as project manager –designer and executive manager of different residential –administrative – trade projects.
Awards: second rank of architect competetion in 2003 for designing and performance of Ahwaz pipe manufacturing office building in Tehran .(Bukharest )
• partial cooperation in copper melting complex of khatoon abad.
• Cooperation with residential complex of pressure boosting station of parsi 700/
• Comprehensive plan of national center of car examination
• Mina Residential tower(mirdamad)
• Administrative building of KOA( zafar)
• Parastoo Residential complex

Let me start with two words: “Mehrandish and architecture”..?
Both starts with m in Farsi. I hope there would be my affection in architecture as well as my name!

How do you see the division of architecture work sharing? How many kinds of consultant engineers are working at present?
If we consider professional work market we naturally find two main groups which are working and to more extent they are 3 groups which the 3rd includes constructors and non-professionals.
As the last one contains of investing groups who unsuitably interfere in architecture/construction designing and many other aspects. Unfortunately the main part of urban constructions belongs to such groups.

Is there justice in work sharing? And which projects are transferred to these consultant’s groups?
During last decade 2 main groups have been working in this respect. The first group known as CONSULTANT ENGINEERS SOCIETY whish has initiated before the revolution has stronger relation and naturally is able to manage greater and more important tasks.
The 2nd group derived from last 10-12 years and now one can feel the effects of its works in the professional society.

Have the relationships been a factor or an obstacle for any kind of these groups?
The truth is that most of these groups have emerged from those same consultants. So their framework has been a firm one for these people so they have tried to step in to this arena by handling the problems and make progresses for themselves. Thus these efforts could be effective. Its ratio may be less than the total construction and the events in this industry but it certainly effective, as it now sounds more sensible than last 15 years.

How well have been the higher consultants in improving architecture culture?
After the war constructions and finances in that field have become more serious in our society. There were no event between 1979 to 1985, but since 89-90 we saw required bases for newer works and greater projects.
Unfortunately there was the problem of time space between these projects from designing to performance. That is, we have uncompleted projects between 89-90 which 50% of these have not been accomplished yet after 15 years.
An architecture work is not discussable unless be implemented in a logical and suitable time and can be tenable. This is a major problem in which projects face with. Although some competitions were established by housing &urban development ministry between 1993-1994 and seemed to be new stimulations for consultant engineers.
Designer or consultant can think and struggle over the project. And try to create new works which be more different than other architect’s works, but, unfortunately most of our consultants are unintended involved with peripheral matters and forget the architectural designing.

As one of the managers of Azhand shahr’s consultant engineers do you think that the close and direct relation between designing and performance for an architectural work for consultants is a specialty?
Perhaps it can be a feature for us and design and construction groups like us. We started to work with this aim that we’ll be with the project till the end. At initials we had no complicated works, we had to continue with trivial projects, and now when we look back ourselves we notice that in this draught, People are made up in a specific way. The main point doesn’t imply to capacity of this theorem. , the kind of management and systematizing of a system would certainly be more effective. i.e. a consultant can act systematically, and believes in that all projects. Whether small or big, are deserved to be systematical .he would be successful. Since consultant or a designer (a group) of course, I think a fulfilled architectural work is a team work. It hasn’t resulted from one or two persons. And if this team performs like a orchestra symphonic, it would be more efficient.

What impact can cooperation from first step to the last and involvement have on architecture?
A synchronized design and construct is like a shared life and making love is a part of architecture. Thus, it isn’t surprising that an architecture work can be favorite and spiritual, because disusing about physical aspects are thoughtful.
As all of us have a physical and a mental body, it is the same for space. It has physical body containing all things that we can see. We draw; we plan and make perspective, so a mental body is breathed to this space. If the impact is from mechanical, the space will be without spirit. We get energy of some people. Spaces do the same too. It depends on the past times when it was speculated by a person, it was designed, discussed, then reached to execution, and which groups and on which methods have been made.

In all these levels spirit is breathed. Wherever is accompanied by love it will naturally convey and will consist .the places that be perfunctory and be irresponsibe, it would not be able to convey.
How about AHWAZ PIPE MANUFATURING project’s activities and involvement?

Of course this project had its specific difficulties it took more time than we expected it was because of concerning problems for details. In the meanwhile we were in a crucial situation, but in spite of all these matters we did 90% of purposes which were related to design and performance... accidentally we decided to represent a work for the competition of architecture in 2003. Our work was presented and fortunately we obtained the 2nd place. The start time of the project was May 2002 and the finish time was august 2003. I.e. it took about 15 months.
The designing was done in company with eng. Kiai. The reason for succession and causes presented by jury board of the grand prize ARCHITECT 82 runs as follow:
This project is considerable for constructive details and designing internal spaces and small and big architectural elements. The middle vacant space which crossed the building in latitude and longitude. While the mere connection way between two parts is located on both ends middle vacant of the bridge. Considering the land limits, it has been interesting action to establish a rich space in the building.
The main importance of the building in establishing specific and rich space through dividing inner space by a big vacant which travels all the width of some stories in the building.
Obtaining to this alternative pattern in limited space like Iran is unprecedented .the attention to architectural details and establishing methodological relations between inside and outside is considerable.
In bigger societies, an architect starts from the zero point and gets the results because of proper divisions. With a proper division everything are delivered to the architect form a to z.!
Your mentioned division is nice. but is not complete. I mean, your question is both wrong and right.
It’s rightness is that in systematic communities the case of most people is clear and they can expect that they will find their state and will be supported, But the wrong side of this question Is that it is not the same as other countries as I’ve heard or have faced and the works distribution is not fair there. !
For instance, since Calatrava was introduced internationally that obviously chose a wife to do spouse, and his improvement’s rate revolted. That society isn’t a sound one in this dimension, you can hardly find a guarantee for architects and connections that are dominating and every body can be as same as Calatrava , Rogers, piano, …. Some are supported. But in that level, the relations are logical. And is naturally expected to be like this. In a sound society with more logical relations, people grow much better. This matter is perhaps one of the beauties of our community. Persons who are self established are typically ingenious, and our society has been shown for most of our prominent persons .in last 200 years there were some bodies that regular relations for them have been unsuitable , they had some difficulties , and suffered very much,.
This has been a question that has engaged us in last year, and it’s a period that we have started to have a similar coherence in activities. These groups have similar methods which is not extended in project dimensions to go out of responsibility limits and also have a something to tell .we provide this as architects who simultaneously do designing and performance .
We have had initial talks with these groups and companies, we are due to have sessions with about 10 groups with required experience and same resume. Anyway, each group has at least 10-20 projects, not in terms of architecture theory (which is the discussion of tactful division) but in synchronic plan & construct .employers will provide almost all facilities. and , ignoring architect theory debate , which at least has been thought about a thoughtful , expert team, they are acting directly and they believe that the work should be achieved properly in terms of present tools and built-up techniques , so they emerge good works/
If we be able to gather ten teams as founder board, and provide an article under the name of trade union association, and if this association surely be established and supported we would have something to tell in a higher powerful state.
Have ever been any teams to agree for cooperation?
This proposal was provided by our system and Mr. eng. BIJAN SHAFEI who has been an active member. He has also missed this context and followed it.
If such a proposal, which has a higher potential in itself, when be suggested to a higher organ or institution related to this matter, and defends its logical right, will be so effective.
How do you see the favorite horizon of architects who do designing and performance simultaneously in construction market?
The desired horizon of any architect is where he/she sees his/her built work. the natural right of the designer and the one who thought about all aspects of the work and detailed it, and has been effective in spaces, and lived with it for a period of time in his mind , is that he/she can touch his/her work , the matter of construction is not separate from this….
We wish that no construction, both in urban scale and villages and no point of country would be made without architects presence or engineers’ teams. This is our ultimate desire.
Perhaps we are far from achieving this goal. But this is a movement that when get started, it would be able to continue.
No matter about the smallness and bigness of the project, our all responsibility is to promote this culture.

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