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Monday، 18 October 2021
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When inspiration, expressed through out an architectural story: An Interview with India Mahdavi

Interview by: Bahram Hooshyar YousefiThere is a very real controversy among architects about whether they can manage to create the space; India Mahdavi, is one, with no doubt, we may call her the story maker of the so called space!
"Mahdavi centres her work on pure imagination. The spaces she conceives are elegant, fluid and always tell a story in relation to the essence of their location..."; about Ten years is long enough for India Mahdavi, Paris based half-Persian architect and designer, to set up her own type of creation....
This is a short interview, I think that you would enjoy it.

Bahram: As I know, your father is Persian and your mother is Egyptian-English and your name is INDIA! Could we call it an internationally taste?!
India: This is correct. I was made in India, (thus my name) and do feel very international as I was raised in the US, germany, France and left iran when I was a few months old.

Bahram: Persians like to consider you as a Persian designer; does persian origin have any effacts in your jobs? Do you speak Persian?
India: Yek kam balladam,valli [I know a little, but] not enough to finish this sentence in farsi, but I feel farsi is within me and always recognise persians throughout the world wherever I am. Does this mean I am persian? I feel more nomadic and this does influence my work.

Bahram: Let me ask you what is the main leading concept you follow in your designs?
India: Every design is different. The main leading concept is to always tell a story....

Smoking, No Smoking by India Mahdavi; “The encounter between a very simple black and white geometric pattern and an organic shape. Corian®, as a material, allows the pattern to be distorted by the shape, hence giving a new vibration to an object I had originally created in ceramic. Smoking, No Smoking is a tray for smokers and non-smokers.

L'Hôtel Condesa df, India Madhavi
Bahram: Let us know more about your architectural design process; how do you manage to create?
India: Inspiration, inspiration and inspiration!

Bahram: You have been in Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, as we know many famous contemporary architects of Persia have been there too; Do you have any special idea on the architectural education locally and internationally?
India: I wouldn¹t necessary recommand l'ecole des Beaux-arts, and believe architecture education is much stronger in england, italy, swizerland, and the US. I do not keep such good memories of my studies at L'ecole des beaux arts even though I realise how lucky I have been to have such an opportunity.

Bahram: Do you know about Persian traditional and modern architecture and architects?
India: I am not so familiar with contemporary persian architecture as I do not see much in magasines. I wasn't very impressed with what I saw when I was last in Iran (10 years ago). During that visit, I went to Kashan to see the restored traditional houses with their beautiful gardens. So much to learn from them.

Bahram: any special massage for Persian readers?!
India: I would enjoy designing a project in Iran, a hotel most certainly...!

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