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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Space Syntax; Shaping Public Places

Negin Najjar Azali.JPGConsidering designing and shaping of public spaces/paces in a sociable and meaningful form as the most significant task of urban designers and architects, make them to be sensitive to different aspects of place, such as semantic, ontology and also mathematic. On the methodological side, there is a remarkable rising in recent methods to analyze identity of place semantically and also mathematically.

“Space Syntax”, which in a set is the solution to investigate relationships between spatial layout and society, is a human-focused approach conceived by Bill Hillier, Julienne Hanson and colleagues in 1970, as a tool to help urban planners simulate the likely social effects of their designs. As Hillier (1970), states “space syntax” is theory, which brock space into different components and analyzes them as a network of choices. Regarding this, urban researchers and architects use space syntax theory in order to show patterns of movement, patterns of security and insecurity, spatial segregation and also awareness and interactions in a place, which shaped, affected and made by place/space. With space syntax, we understand land use and land value and density of place. Thus relationships between space and human activities illustrated pretty well. Consequently, “space syntax” provides a set of planning and design principles, which is a platform for general knowledge of city. According to Seamon (2015), “…space syntax provide powerful conceptual and empirical support for the phenomenological claim of a reciprocal relationship between human action, everyday spatial movement and qualities of the physical-spatial environment, the world’s underlying pathway structure, or spatial configuration… space syntax demonstrate conclusively that human movements are always integrally enmeshed in the world, particularly through the particular configurationally structure of a pathway network.”.

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