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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Bahram Hooshyar YousefiBrief Note on Lack of Supervision and Creating a Culture of Competition regarding the Mapped but Not Known methods in Iran

In the last two years there were several competitions in the construction and architecture of Iran; from the ones limited to presenting design concepts as well as the contests hold by the active professionals who paid interesting payments on behalf the hosts to the attendees. We have to accept that at present time not only the process of holding competitions has become more professional than last years, but also by offering solutions in the national developing plans, it is going to be a sophisticated procedure in case of developing valuable and memorable architectures and urbanisms.

Although, in general consideration about relevant process in the architecture and urbanism of our country we can follow the below points: lack of proper expression of important and effective competitions in the architecture society of the country, lack of adequate plans in holding contest, lack of schedule or lack consideration about timing on behalf attendees and permanent changes, lack of responsibility on behalf jury members to attend all sessions in order, lack of usage of medias such as internet and organizing discussion meetings for exchanging ideas, lack of interest in introducing selected works comprehensively and professionally, lack of obligations on behalf contractors and hosts of contest to build and operate selected works , lack of interest in youths to attend and selecting them in limited recognized groups… there are other weak points made the competition away from ideal standers of an adequate competition.
The important point is the lack of an adequate law for holding architecture competitions in last recent years, but this problem by the Cultural Revolution association solved in 2000 under a law about the competitions of architecture design and urbanism in suggestion of art and culture society. And the text of this law and order published in spring 2002 in Abadi magazine, while the professional architecture were not aware of that but in case of law at least it has been approved.
By this introduction we can get this result that the process of architecture and urbanism competitions needs some cultural solutions and some of the followings suggestions for the corrections of the way are necessary:
• Making a proper cultural background to aware contractors about the advantageous of architecture competitions in the way to make it common to develop essential ways for building valuable memorable architecture works.
• Awaking architects and building’s consulters in case of interested them in attending architecture competitions.
• Getting admissions for youths in competitions and changing architecture to a process for growth and development of talents and new ideas.
• Creating multi levels for architecture and urbanism competitions to apply last experiences in future ones.
• Obliging government contractors for holding competitions in required competitions,
• Applying political encouragements for contractors in private sections to develop competitions in the process of designing private projects with proper budget.
• Defining specific groups and companies as consultants in case of holding architecture and urbanism competitions and develop them as specific and essential subjects.
• Presenting guidance for architecture and urbanism competitions for permanent offices to develop solutions for operational supervising and identifying existing rules for architecture and urbanism competitions for construction and operations
At last, it is important to remind the development of architecture and urbanism competitions in all the culture in this case, not only it is a sophisticated way for having a valuable architecture in the world but also it is a short cut to achieve higher levels of national and local architecture in every country.

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